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Apartments in Crete

If you would like to experience the biggest Greek island, Crete – still existent paradise you can stay at domestic arranged apartment with separate bedroom, kitchen with living room, bathroom, sea view & just 5 minutes walk to the one of most beautiful bay and beach of all the island. Next to, you can have […]

Unforgettable experience of Crete

For an unforgettable experience of Crete it is recommended that you have someone with you who knows the island very well, who will take you on a journey and help you discover its hidden corners, and believe me, Crete never runs out of them.   We can journey through the rocky slopes of mountain ranges, […]

Experience Crete

Hi everyone! Next to the programs on this page there is possibility to join a culinary course, hiking trips, hiking with picking up genuine Cretan herbs  & much more. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Hiking around Crete

  On Crete we can journey through the rocky slopes of mountain ranges, of which the tangle of gray-white limestone and glowing dark red soil with a green-grayish sage, purple thyme, and low dark green wild oaks, the influence of which gives you an unworldly feeling. This is only even more highlighted when we find […]


At the top of the hill above Istro paraliaki we can find still existent ruins of the acropolis from 12 century B.C. Plenty big stones in the circles between the limestone rocks are showing us the fragments of the sanctuary and the rooms in which bronze and clay objects were find. They are exhibited in […]

Welcome to still existent paradise

Hello, welcome to the biggest Greek island, CRETE, where you’ll have unique experience of this still existent paradise by professional guiding. Next to the programs and tours that you find on this page you can anytime ask for detailed information by sending your email. And, of course, there are hundred and more possibilities of visiting […]